Friday, March 6, 2009

Notetaking Tips

Have 5 sections in your vocab notebook for the following:

1. Prepositional verbs
  • want to
  • listen to
  • love to
  • have to
2. Phrasal Verbs
  • get up
  • get off
  • get on
  • get out
3. Set Phrases & Idioms
An English idiom is a phrase that doesn't "add up to" the sum of its parts. As in She can't work amicably with family members, "much less" strangers. [Both "add up to" and "much less" are idioms. Would you like to learn more about idioms?]

4. New Vocabulary. You should note:
  • the translation into your own language
  • the part of speech, ie: noun, verb
  • the word-family, or different formations as you find them, for example: to excite (v), excitement (n), exciting (adj), excitedly (adv)
  • a sample sentence in English
5. Miscellaneous
Use this section for things that don't belong elsewhere.

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